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Back to worship at Belfairs - September 2021

With effect from September, and in consultation with our minister and the leadership team, you may want to continue to wear a mask as you enter and leave the premises. This is optional however, and we will be dropping most restrictions for worship. That means:

  • all pews are open, so no restrictions to where you sit
  • masks will be optional during worship
  • books will be made available for those who want them 
  • no time constraints for the act of worship and also when you arrive/depart.

Hand sanitising and ‘track and trace’ will continue to be used as you come on the premises so please make sure the welcome steward has your name on the list as you come in. Also, the shaking of hands and hugs are voluntary however, no-one should feel pressured at all to share with other people in this way.

If you would prefer to maintain reduced social distancing, please let me or the welcome stewards know and we can try to arrange specific seating to accommodate your request.

I fully appreciate some people’s reservations about ‘back to normal’ so please do not feel uncomfortable making any request. We are all here to worship our Lord and we need to do this in as comfortable set up as possible.

The Belfairs Leadership team will continue to monitor our progress over the next few months and any proposed changes to worship patterns will be notified to all as soon as possible.

Many thanks

Mike Spaull - Senior Church Steward

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