Girls' Brigade

Welcome to the 1st Belfairs Company Girls' Brigade web page

We meet every Wednesday during term time. 

 Explorers (school reception - Year 3)   5.30pm - 7pm

Juniors (school years 4 - 6)                   5.30pm - 7pm

Seniors & Brigadiers (school years 7 - 13)      7pm - 8.30pm


Please feel free to come along any Wednesday or


 The Girls' Brigade motto is:-   Seek, Serve and Follow Christ

About the Company

The girls in the company are spilt in to sections which reflect their ages:

Explorers 5-7 years old School years Reception-3
Juniors 8-10 years old School years 4-6
Seniors 11-13 years old School years 7-9
Brigaders 14+ School years 10-13
Young Leaders 15+ School years 11+ College, Uni




Each section has a different badge system which means that the activities they take part are suited to their age. Each year the girls work towards one badge that consists of four different sections:

  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Educational
  • Service

Here are just a few of the things that the girls can get involved in:

Sports - Drama - Cookery - Music - Art - Craft - Singing - Games - Making Friends - Day Trips

We try to be very flexible and choose badges that will help the girls gain confidence, learn new skills and have fun!

A typical evening would include a mixture of games, badgework and devotional time

Why do we wear a uniform?

A uniform makes us show that we belong to a world-wide organisation and are proud to belong to that organisation. It also encourages us to look neat and presentable.

Why only girls?

Sometimes it's good to be just with other girls. Some girls feel more comfortable and relate better in a girls-only environment. Boys may not like some of the activities we do. For boys, there is Boys' Brigade, which has the same ideals and a similar program to GB. At Belfairs we also have a BB company that is open for Boys to join. Click here for details



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